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                                                                  GBG FAQS
  • What is GBG?  GBG is a Health and Wellness Company. 
  • Is GBG a BBB Accredited Business? Yes and we have the coveted A+ rating with
     the BBB.

  • Where is GBG Located? GBG is located in Vacaville which is in Northern California.
  • What are GBG Chewable Vitamins? The 10-in-ONETM GBG Chewable Vitamins are a
     daily vitamin and mineral formula with many additional nutritional supplements
     having the
    superior advantage of Super Antioxidant Fruits and Age-defying nutrients.
    chewable vitamins have 110 nutrients, 67 trace minerals with antioxidant blend.
  •  Are the 10-in-One Vitamins food or plant based? The 10-in-One Vitamin by GBG
     is classified as a dietary supplement and is a combination of botanicals, vitamins,
     minerals and specialty ingredients. You could not get the nutrients that are in
     10-in-One  just by eating a normal diet.

  • Does GBG have a Liquid Vitamin Supplement?  No, the GBG Liquid Vitamins
    have been discontinued and are now available in the enhanced chewable form.

  • Can GBG Vitamins be duplicated?  Some people will buy 3-5 products paying
     up to $150 for the same ingredients.

  • Where can I find the list of GBG Products?  Please find the Product list
    over a
    t .
  • Is GBG considered a network marketing company?  Yes
  • What is network marketing?  Network marketing is the business of the 21st century
    according to Robert Kiyosaki.  Network marketing is a business about taking
    control of your future and where unlimited income can be obtained.
  • How do I get started wtih GBG?  You can't get started with GBG any longer. GBG has
    become Novus Era and you can get all of the info over @  The products
    10 in One Vitamins and MA+ are still available and use the contact page to get in touch.

  • Does GBG have a Scientific Advisory Board? YES
    Dr. David Gilliam's long standing reputation for professional integrity and his
    dedication to excellence, combined with his focus on preventative care and the
    importance of natural products make him an ideal member of our Scientific
    Advisory Board


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